You’re the bees knees!

Spring has sprung, summers a-comin’!  To all my beekeeping friends, it’s so cool what you do.  Bees and honey are awesome! And whatever else those lovely bees do for our environment. (I used this graphic b/c it was pretty and I didn’t want to gross you out with an ugly There are only two things that I do not like about warm temps and this time of year…stink bugs and mosquitoes.  Stink bugs love my house, and mosquitoes love me.  I use a product called Tempo to keep the stink bugs away from my back deck and we spray all around the foundation too.  It works, not perfectly but it’s ok.  And mosquitoes love to vape on my legs. ugh!!!  Walking in the grass or even just near the grass will result in bites, which is basically like torture from all the itching.  Saturdays soccer game was a reminder of what I need to keep in my vehicle…bug spray and lots of it.  Sitting in the grass for about 2 hours in the hot sun was a welcomed relief from the freezing, windy, rainy games we sat through at the beginning of the season.  I was dressed to attend a Mother/Daughter banquet right after the game, so I had on my new favorite shirt and jeans.  Yea, I was a little warm.  At one point I just gathered my hair in my hand to pull it off my neck, because it was so warm my hairspray kept my hair held together.  That cracked me up.  The temp was only 83.  83 feels good in July when it’s been humid and 95.  83, in the sun for the first time that I’ve been out is a little much for a fair skinned gal like me.  A nice breeze did keep it bearable.  I’m glad Coach Russell shared his bug spray with us and the kids on the team.  I’m ready now.  Umbrella, check, sunscreen, check, bug spray, check, sunglasses, check, hat, maybe, bag chair, check!!!!!  Now we are ready!!!!  Only two games left in this season!!!! But I’m ready!



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